The target clientele of XED is any corporate, governmental or even individual entity concerned with the issue of how to not only survive an X-event, but also what actions they should be taking today to be not only a survivor of such an extreme event but a potential beneficiary of an extreme change in their operating environment. XED is addressing the following types of Customer Concerns.

Interested in how to anticipate X-events in order to get a sense of their timing.

  • XED Product: The X-Event Index
  • Customers: Traders, Hedge Fund Managers, Wealth managers

Interested in the impact a particular X-event is likely to have on their firm.

  • XED Product: The X-Network Simulator
  • Customers: Governments, Multi-national manufacturers (eg. Exxon,Transportation Companies,Conglomerates,Market analysts

Concerned with how to best manage their firm in order to survive the target X-event, and possibly even benefit from it.

  • XED Product: X-Events World
  • Customers: Insurance Companies, Reinsurance, military, government policy makers

In general interested in X-events, but not in any particular type of X-event.

  • XED Product: The X-Events Bulletin
  • Price: subscription; Delivery time: monthly
  • XED Product: X-Erius Gaming