Dr. John Casti
Co-Founder XED
Founder X-Center Vienna

Professor John L. Casti received his Ph.D. in mathematics under Richard Bellman at the University of Southern California in 1970.
He worked at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA, and served on the faculties of the University of Arizona, Santa Fe Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, NYU and Princeton before becoming one of the first members of the research staff at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Vienna, Austria.
In 2000 he formed two companies in Santa Fe and London, Qforma, Inc. and SimWorld, Ltd, devoted to the employment of tools and concepts from modern system theory for the solution of problems in business and finance.
American complexity scientist and systems theorist John Casti, is cofounder of The X-Center Vienna, a research institute focusing on human-caused extreme events and how to anticipate them.
Casti has published nearly twenty volumes of academic and popular science and received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Southern California. He lives in Vienna, Austria.
Dr. Roger Jones
Co-Founder X-Event Dynamics
Research Fellow at the Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises at Stevens Institute of Technology

Roger D. Jones is an American physicist and entrepreneur. Jones trained in physics at Dartmouth College. He worked as a staff physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory from 1979 to 1995. His primary research interests were in laser fusion and machine learning. In the early nineties he headed projects that applied his machine learning inventions to technical problems in the private sector. In 1995 in collaboration with Citibank, Jones co-founded the Center for Adaptive Systems Applications (CASA), a company that applied neural network and adaptive technology to consumer banking. CASA was acquired by HNC Software in March 2000, at the peak of the dotcom boom. HNC Software was subsequently acquired by Fair Isaac Corporation. Jones had a second successful exit in 2013 when he sold Qforma Inc., a healthcare analytics company, to BelHealth. Since 2013 Jones has focused on the creation of platform companies, those companies similar to Uber, AirBnB, and Amazon, that operate with minimal inventory. Jones now focuses his technical interests on serious video gaming for design, training, education, and strategy.

Brenda J. Fox
Co-Founder XED
CEO Global X-Network
President and CEO Global Connexus

Brenda  is a founding partner of the  “Global X-Network”. The mission of the Network is to build a new theory about uncertainty (Theory of Surprise) and develop pragmatic understandings of resilience of national/international economies and organizations and cities. The Global X-Network is a global organization of cross discipline researchers from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic,USA and Finland.
Brenda   has held executive management roles as founder and CEO Global Connexus, President Codenomicon US Operations, CIO ReadRite, VP Application Services AristaSoft, VP Professional Service CompuCom, Director IT Safeguard Business Systems and Director IT Prime Minister Trudeau’s office.
As an integral part of these management teams two of these start-ups grew to $1.5B in sales in less than 5 years each and successfully raised over $200mil in Venture Capital. As a result of these positions,  Brenda has been involved in a number of vertical markets in the US and Asia and is very familiar with their business processes, products, services and competition. Brenda was also responsible for an outsourced operation in Hyderabad India.
Brenda has personally worked closely over the past five years with many Finnish companies to assist them in launching and building their networks in North America and including two plus years as President of  US Operations for Codenomicon a software security company.
Specialties: Executive management, international marketing, start-up consulting, connecting the world through relationships.
Education: Accelerated Executive MBA Program Stanford University, CA ; BA of Math and Computer Science University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario
Co-founder CISE – Consortium of Information Systems Executives
Co-author of book: CIO Wisdom, Publisher: Prentice Hall, Spring 2002, ISBN:0-13-141115-2

Dr. Ugur Bilge
Assistant Professor at the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics at Akdeniz University, in Antalya, Turkey

Ugur Bilge is an Agent Based Simulations and Modelling expert, who develops tools for understanding, communicating and applying the Complex Systems approach to real world problems, delivering innovative solutions in Retail, Supply Chain, Finance, Governance and Health Care.
In 1993, Ugur received his PhD in Computer Science from University College London, where he worked as a research assistant in European funded research projects on Neural Nets and Genetic Algorithms. Later he worked as a consultant at the Logistics Innovation Centre, J. Sainsbury plc where he designed and developed state-of-the-art software tools for Forecasting, Optimisation, Planning and Scheduling applications for Finance, Retail and Logistics, applying techniques such as Neural Nets, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic, and the Complex Adaptive Systems.
In 1998 Ugur co-founded SimWorld Ltd in the UK, a consultancy and innovative solutions company, and developed SimStore, a realistic simulation of a supermarket layout with moving customers. Since then he has been developing ABS for a number of clients, including a geographic model of Container Transport in the UK, and a coarse grain simulation of Oil World. Ugur was the modelling expert for the ICoSS Project at London School of Economics (LSE). He developed the Organisational Forms Simulator, an ABS and network visualisation tool for exploring informal social networks, and investigating patterns of connectivity within business organisations.
Ugur was a Senior Research Associate at LSE Complexity Group between 2002 and 2012, and worked on several research projects. He was a tutor in 2006 and 2007 for the LSE Taught Course for Researchers on Complexity Science and Complex Social Systems. In 2010 he developed the Global Trade Network Simulator for the Game Changers project at IIASA in Austria, and in 2012 he was the Modelling Expert for the ESPA funded REDD Game Project at LSE for protecting the Bolivian Amazon.
Since 2003, Ugur has held the position of Assistant Professor at the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics at Akdeniz University, in Antalya, Turkey. He teaches Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Agent Based Models and Complex Systems, and develops software tools for data mining and analysis of medical and healthcare data.
Ugur’s current research interests are Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Complex Systems, Agent Based Simulation, Medical, Health and Bio Informatics.