Global X-Network

A global community of multi disciplinary researchers & practitioners from Austria, Finland, Germany, UK, Japan, Korea, France, Singapore and the US who have joined forces to build tools for decision makers and to research uncertainties, complexities and extreme events and their impact on human systems.

The X-Press

Publishing partner for Publishing Big Ideas in Science, Art, and Society.

Merit, GmbH, Vienna, Austria

MERIT is a platform for independent expert teams in the three merger groups MERIT Financials, MERIT Consulting and MERIT Commodities. The offices in Vienna, Frankfurt and Malta coordinate the selection of the individual needs of our customers.

Website: (in German)

ViennEast, Vienna, Austria

ViennEast offers corporate investigations, strategic consulting, and good governance solutions to both public and private sector clients globally, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus and CIS. The World Bank Indicators for Governance illustrate the significant enterprise risks in investing and operating in these regions. Political instability, endemic corruption, and poor regulatory frameworks are common themes. We look at understanding and mitigating these risks through several distinct approaches.

Elliott Wave, Intl., USA

Elliott Wave International is the world’s largest independent technical market analysis firm. Specializing in the application of R.N. Elliott’s model of financial pricing, EWI’s analysts alert subscribers to unfolding risks and opportunities in every major investment market around the globe.

Socionomics Institute

The Socionomics Institute’s mission is to study social mood and its impact on social behavior. The institute promotes the application of socionomic analysis toward problem solving and forecasting across diverse areas of economics, politics, art, music, fashion, business, sports, media and other areas of popular culture.

JLP Associates, USA

JLP Associates LLC is a consulting company that provides its clients strategic insights and analysis on international security and risk assessment issues. Working with a cadre of former intelligence, diplomatic, and law enforcement colleagues, JLP Associates provides strategic advice to clients in the financial services, defense, energy, homeland security and counter terrorism fields, among others.
James L. Pavitt, President of JLP Associates, brings more than 30 years of experience in the Intelligence Community and seven years of experience in the private sector as a Principal of the Scowcroft Group to support client requirements and he currently serves on the Board of Directors of a major U.S. Defense contractor. As Deputy Director for Operations at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) he managed CIA’s globally deployed intelligence collection personnel and nearly half of the CIA’s multi-billion-dollar budget. His responsibilities involved unparalleled cooperation with leaders of the intelligence and security communities in capitals throughout the world.