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Project Description

Research Scholar at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

Leena  has a background both as a strategist, researcher and management consultant in foresight and strategy processes.

Ms. Ilmola’s activities in the academic community profit from her long experience as a leader, consultant and innovator (web-based tools for qualitative research). Her research themes are strategic flexibility and anticipation systems. Her research builds on the Complex Adaptive Systems theory, strategic planning theories and theories on social cognition.

Leena Ilmola holds the title of Senior Researcher at International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIAS) in Vienna Austria. She is studying in the field of “organizational uncertainty” with a view to developing tools for decision makers in the corporate and governmental environments dominated by uncertainty and instability as they become more complex.

She is responsible for qualitative methods development within the Advanced Systems Program of IIAS. Her current research projects include “Systems Modeling” for city and regional governmental policy decision making (the collaboration partner is the Ministry of Employment and the Economy for Finland). In addition, she is developing the “Seven Shocks” program with the Science and Technology Policy Institute of South-Korea. She is also an expert member of Finnish Governments “Futures Resolution” task force and recently worked with the Scottish and Finnish Governments.

Leena also has a very active role within the “Global X-Network” and is a founding partner of the Network. The mission of the Network is to build a new theory about uncertainty (Theory of Surprise) and develop pragmatic understandings of resilience of national/international economies and organizations. The Global X-Network is a global organization of cross discipline researchers from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic,USA and Finland.

Ms. Ilmola is also a member of the Board of the Finnish Futures Association.